We Did It, We Did This!

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

…No matter how prepared I can get, I always was a wreck before I take a big exam. I fill myself with doubts and expect the worst of the situation. I’m good with so many things but unfortunately self-motivation isn’t one of them. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by awesome people who went out of their way to help me see myself through their affirming, appreciative eyes.

Before the results come out in two days, whatever it is good or bad, I am already beyond grateful for these people who I’m proud and blessed to call my best friends and family. With them by my side, how bad can the results get? 😊

  1. World’s Greatest Mom

For flying in for the second time to hold my trembling hands through the exam. I love you, Mama. I’m forever grateful. (And of course to my Dad, for calling everyday to remind me that he’s rooting for me. He always has.)

2. The best roommates ever, Roselle and Chok

For knowing what I exactly what I need and when I need it, whether it was beer, turon, bar gig, LA UNION ROADTRIP, Jollibee, alone time, a good run outside and sometimes just some cheering up. (Also for listening to the pathetic stories of my broken heart)

3. Bonch

For always keeping his to word to being “one call away” and for never failing to tirelessly listen and say the right words (with occasional comforting hugs) in return

4. Jops

For being my number one fan, for constantly reminding me who I am, who I am to him, and to the people who loved me from the beginning

5. Val

For taking interest in late night conversations with me, listening to my mundane dailylog and telling me about his, just the right kind of distraction I needed from depressing vibes and negative thoughts

6. Lara and Yna

For sharing this experience with me, keeping me on my toes, helping me out with the review, and pushing me to do well in the exam

7. Papeesh, Laika, TJ, Nathan, Liz

For keeping me sane by dragging me to dinner dates and bar gigs when I explicitly forbade myself to have a good time not until all these are over. To Papeesh and Laika especially, who always, always made sure I’m emotionally in check

8. My Sister, the Greatest Doctor the world will ever see

For being my ground zero too, that no matter how low I can get in my life, she genuinely believes I can and am destined to do great things. She was my first teacher, now she’s my biggest fan

9. Kevin

For supporting me in many ways he does, since 2010. The author of the words above which I kept repeating to myself all throughout the gruelling two-day exam. I hope he knows how much that/he means to me.

And the list goes on.



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